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Pipeline Inspections

Push Cameras

GHD uses push camera systems to identify the horizontal routing of sanitary and drainage networks.  Provided that the systems are accessible and passable, cameras allow viewing of internal conditions and features.  Noted features are easily identified at the surface. Transmitting sondes built-in behind the camera head allow for precise surface location.  A digital video of the inspection can be produced.  Our camera systems are designed to be used in pipes measuring 2” to 8” inches in diameter.


Identifies: Root intrusion, collapsed conditions, obstructions, misaligned fittings, bellied portions (low points), identify wyes, tees and clean-outs, structures

Misaligned Fitting



Conduit Rodders

Similar to cameras but without the viewing capability, fiberglass rodders are inserted in pipelines/conduits. A transmitting Sonde is attached to the end of the rodder and pushed through the pipeline/conduit.  Obstructed and/or collapsed conditions are easily located at the surface. Knowing the precise location minimizes the area to be excavated, thus reducing the amount of restoration associated with the repair. GHD uses different transmitting frequency Sondes depending on the application, size, depth and material type of the system to be examined.


Identify routing of vacant conduits/PVC pipes, crushed or obstructed pipe, stub-outs, man-holes, hand-holes, junction boxes, proofs conduit systems, can attach detectable mule-tape or pull string



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