About Ground Hound Detection Services

Since its inception in 1994, Ground Hound Detection Services, Inc. (GHD) has been providing utility locating and related survey services to design professionals, public and private property owners, utility owners, contractors, municipalities, educational and institutional facilities. GHD has been regarded as providing an "invaluable service" by those requiring comprehensive information of below ground utilities and structures. During the design phase of a project, our services are utilized to provide: utility coordination for both public and private, physical location and verification of existing utilities. GHD then provides a comprehensive utility site plan of its discoveries. Prior to excavation GHD conducts subsurface investigative surveys to determine the presence of conflicting utilities that otherwise would be impacted during the course of excavation. Identifying utilities prior to excavation assures safety for excavating personnel as well as maintaining uninterrupted service of vital utility systems. The quality, experience and professionalism in which GHD provides are unparalleled within our industry.

We pride ourselves in our thorough understanding of utility systems and the theory of geophysical detection equipment. As a result, GHD transcends our client's expectations. Since our inception, GHD has never deviated from what we do best, "provide complete and accurate subsurface investigations" using the latest advancements in technology. GHD is NOT an engineering firm and therefore not a potential "competitor". Consider that when choosing a sub consultant for your underground utility needs & future projects.

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