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Ground Hound Detection Services, Inc.

GHD has never deviated from what we do best, provide complete and accurate subsurface investigations.

The Electromagnetic technique is most commonly used for locating metallic underground utilities such as pipes, wires and cables.

GPR is a non-destructive imaging technology that has become a standard in utility locating due to its ability to resolve nonmetallic objects.

A non-destructive method for obtaining information on underground utilities such as: size, condition & elevation.

Knowing the precise location of rebar, post tension cables and utilities is crucial for operator and public safety.

Verifying the existence of USTs or lack thereof is accomplished with two main technologies, Magnetic and GPR.

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) is a process to accurately map utilities prior to excavation and design of new structures.

Since its inception in 1994

Ground Hound Detection Services, Inc. has been providing utility locating and related services to multiple industries and disciplines.

The quality, experience and professionalism in which GHD provides are unparalleled within our industry.


Mission Statement

Using our extensive experience and state-of-the-art technology, our mission is to provide our clients with the most reliable and accurate underground utility information. Understanding the unique challenges associated with each client’s needs is at the core of every project.


Many of our design clientele work on projects that either lack or are have limited utility documentation.  GHD provides complete and accurate subsurface investigations to assist in their project designs.


Excavating contractors working on private property have to navigate through a maze of privately owned utility systems not identified through One Call (811).  GHD will make sense of the most congested utility environments. This ensures safety for the excavating crew and maintains uninterrupted service of vital utility networks.

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